Men's shampoo

If are a man looking for a single hair product with many benefits - look no further. Take the best care for hair with Procutso men’s shampoo. It gently cleanses, providing numerous benefits in a single, magical gesture. It is suitable for different hair types and meets all the most common needs related to man’s hair care.

Key features

- Hair looks fuller
- Nourishes and protects the scalp
- Helps to make hair more resistant against daily wear and tear
- Provides instant smoothness to men’s hair making it both softer and easier to maintain

Main benefits

Our shampoo strengthens and nourishes lifeless hair, helps to regulate sebum, while improving microcirculation at the roots to support hair growth. Thanks to the lupin proteins included, Procutso improves and increases hair density and strength.

Strengthens hair

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Restores the condition of the scalp and enables hair growth, thanks to the antimicrobial propolis extract. Revitalizes hair roots with various tonifying ingredients: 4 vitamins, wheat proteins and ginseng, cinchona, thyme and lavender extracts.

Supports hair growth

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Cleanses gently and respects both the physiology and the normal flora of the scalp. Helps to regulate sebum production and increases volume, thanks to liquorice roots, equisetum extract and a special mixture of essential oils.

Deep cleanse

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Why is Procutso so good?

Procutso multitasking men’s shampoo: a precious and modern ally for all those men who have little time, but do not want to renounce the beauty of their hair. Its high technology reduces the steps needed to get fantastic results. Suitable for different hair types.

Directions for use

Apply in several places to wet hair. Massage to a lather adding more water if necessary. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.